Thursday, 14 May 2009

Margaret Moran in southern Spain, parliamentary stationery may not be used for ‘personal, business or commercial correspondence’

British MP who was ordered to let neighbours use a right of way across her land in the Alpujarra could now face an investigation for allegedly using House of Commons notepaper to warn them off.The Daily Telegraph reports this Thursday that their journalists have located a piece of stationery with the Commons crest which reads, ‘Please note – this road is private & closed. Please remove your motorcycle from our land’. They say it’s written in English and Spanish, in handwriting which is an exact match to the MP’s.The note was reportedly in the possession of a British man who lives near the home owned by Margaret Moran in southern Spain. Two years ago, a court in Órgiva ordered the Labour MP to allow locals to use a right of way over her property in Carataunas, a small village in the Alpujarra, after she installed a gate to block the way. The Briton found the note pinned to his motorbike and has told the Telegraph that he decided to keep it to pin up on the wall above his toilet.Another neighbour claimed back in 2007 that he had also found a note from Ms Moran written on House of Commons paper, an allegation which the MP denied. Under House of Commons regulations, parliamentary stationery may not be used for ‘personal, business or commercial correspondence’, and it’s understood the Commons has been informed of the matter reported this week by the Telegraph.



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