Friday, 2 December 2011

Málaga port's new attraction closed after seven hours


The new Muelle Uno has been closed as building works are continuingThe Muelle Uno development - EFE After much fanfare about the opening of Málaga port to the city, and the opening of the Muelle Uno on Tuesday, the Málaga City Hall decided to order the closure of the new street just seven hours after it opened to the public. A public statement was sent out which said that, for reasons of safety, and because the building work was still continuing, they were ordering the street to be closed and called on the tender owner to close the shops. Just five hours earlier the Mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, and several councillors went to the reception prior to the inauguration of the new attraction in the Marina de la Farola. The owner of the concession was reported to be considering what to do on Tuesday night, and whether to remain trading anyway, but that decision has been overruled by the guards placed on Wednesday at the entrance to the zone, stopping the public from gaining access. The City Hall has made a new statement saying the area will not open until all the building works are fully completed.



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